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    This beautiful, large size art work is finally finished after working on it for almost two weeks. The amount of sequins used cannot go unnoticed. It has a mixed style of mosiac, antique, and rustic. If you’re into that style, you know what I mean ;).

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    Abstract Sequins Art

    With these two paintings, I played around with color and texture, using different materials. While the paint was wet, I went ahead and sprinkled some glitter on it. As it dried, it created beautiful crystal like shimmer over the paint. I later added some sequins to add more color into the work and bring it to life. 

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    Glorious Plant

    I call this Glorious because the stems stand so tall and shine with just a few leaf petals at the top. What I love about the work I do with the sequins, is that I don’t worry about color matching or even having a pattern. The randomness of the sequins make the work more attractive to the eyes.  It’s glorious! 

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    Glamorous Leaves and Vines

    Glamorous Leaves and Vines, 2018 Totally have been having some fun and getting crafty! I have recently been experiment and getting creative using sequins. After I bought some plants for apartment, I was definitely inspired by the greens and the beauty of nature. I worked on Glamorous Leaves and Vines sometime during thanksgiving weekend and I am so excited to…

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    Petal Print Leather Crossbody Bags

    I experimented with painting on leather. I found these adorable plain leather crossbody bags and did some print design. You can probably tell there is a theme going on here!!! 🙂 Shop this bag for $20.00! SOLD! SOLD!

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    Plant Additions

    This weekend, I did a little plant shopping! I am so excited to share with you what I bought from Home Depot. You should first know that this is the first time I bought my own plants. I don’t know much of about keeping plants in the house, but definitely had to do some research! I grew up watching my…

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    Over A Year Old Flowers

    So, I’ve had these these flowers for over a year. I don’t really buy flower for myself, but when someone gives me a few, I keep them until……I should, lol. I like the way the flowers look when they dry. The colors become antique like and creates a different kind of  beauty, compared to a fresh set. Today, I finally…

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    Cheerful Apple Art

    Cheerful it is! This colorful artwork makes me feel very happy and mesmerized by layers of colors within the apple. I used a silver background to create contrast…and I think it works well together. Shop this adorable apple art piece for your home!

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    Vibrant Apple Art

    I like simple things in my life….but I like colorful things too. Here is another apple art on stretched canvas. You’re probably wondering why I did a batch of apple art. I can’t get over how adorable they look on the shelf. The art work is very colorful, yet so simple and a lovely addition do the shelf decor :).