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    Over A Year Old Flowers

    So, I’ve had these these flowers for over a year. I don’t really buy flower for myself, but when someone gives me a few, I keep them until……I should, lol. I like the way the flowers look when they dry. The colors become antique like and creates a different kind of  beauty, compared to a fresh set. Today, I finally…

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    Cheerful Apple Art

    Cheerful it is! This colorful artwork makes me feel very happy and mesmerized by layers of colors within the apple. I used a silver background to create contrast…and I think it works well together. Shop this adorable apple art piece for your home!

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    Vibrant Apple Art

    I like simple things in my life….but I like colorful things too. Here is another apple art on stretched canvas. You’re probably wondering why I did a batch of apple art. I can’t get over how adorable they look on the shelf. The art work is very colorful, yet so simple and a lovely addition do the shelf decor :).

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    Sequins Apple Art with Copper

    Sequins Apple Art, 2017 Through out some time, I experimented with materials other than paint. During the time I was teaching art to youngsters, I became attracted to using metallic colors and sequins. This is one the of the apple art works I made. Although, I am not a home decor guru, I had an idea of how my work…

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    The Golden Plant

    Hi guys! As you can probably tell, I’be been busy- stitching. Golden Plan art on denim tote bag is finally finished!!! After lots of needling, poking and hard work, I can finally show this piece off! While working on the Petals and Dots on Denim, I’v been OH SO inspired to create another one. This denim tote makes a perfect…

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    Petals and Dots on Denim

    If you viewed my previous post on Denim Tote Bags, you also noticed the minimal details of pearl beads work. When I had started this design, I immediately regretted the idea after realizing how many beads I needed to finish this whole thing. The past week and a  half I spent at least 2 hours each night stitching around the petals…