Petals and Dots on Denim

If you viewed my previous post on Denim Tote Bags, you also noticed the minimal details of pearl beads work. When I had started this design, I immediately regretted the idea after realizing how many beads I needed to finish this whole thing. The past week and a  half I spent at least 2 hours each night stitching around the petals and dots. l have admit, it was not easy to do.

While this project became an idea in the making, I was inspired by the autumn colors and gold acrylic paint. I also do not have as much experience in stitching than painting. The hand stitching pearl beads on this denim tote bag has been mentally challenging for me. As I continued to add the pearl embellishment, I felt my fingers become sore….along with some poking from the needle here and there! The texture and the colors work together so well, I loved running my fingers over it.

At the end, I am really happy I completed this idea and I hope you do as well!

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